Human Rights Denied

Peter Tor-kilsenJustice is the Primary Protector of LIFE, ‘All LIFE’, ‘YOUR LIFE’.

Serious Warning: 

The information contained in the following ‘Blog’, Will be abhorrent and repulsive to any Intelligent and Authentically ‘Caring’ Person.

It provides conclusive Scientific Medial Data / Evidence, Which exposes an Industry which the Government refuse to confront or expose, as it is a Government Department.

Please DO NOT read this ‘Blog’ if the TRUTH Offends You, or if You do not care for LIFE, YOUR LIFE, or anybody’s LIFE.

Justice is synonymous with Equity and Balance, and Balance is imperative for stability.

Therefore Justice is  fundamental for the Sociological, Environmental and Ecological balance, of ‘ALL’ ‘LIFE’;

The prerequisite for the LIFE of Civilizations and societies is based on JUSTICE;

This is the bases, and fundamental to all Nations, Cultures and Civilizations.

When JUSTICE is eroded, only devastation and anarchy follow;

Western Nations high crime rate and overflowing Prisons is an evidence of this ‘FACT’. It is also interesting to note, In Western Nations, Criminals freely have access to Legal Representation, Whist Victims of crime must PAY for legal representation, PAY for the Justice System via their Tax’s, PAY for the Criminals Lawyers, and ‘IF’ convicted, PAY to keep the criminals in prison.


This FACT, is an evidence that Law has corrupted JUSTICE.

Authentic JUSTICE protects LIFE, therefore JUSTICE is an expression of Authentic  LOVE, as ultraistic LOVE protects LIFE.

LAWS have been created that endanger LIFE, YOUR LIFE, YOUR FAMILIES LIFE.


And although the United Nations Human Rights Act states Under ‘Life and Security’ of a Person’ that YOU have the right to Life and Security, this Law is not upheld by Governments, Nor are these Laws upheld by the New Zealand ‘Human Rights Commission’ or the ‘Health and Disability Commission’; It is a provable and verifiable ‘TRUTH’ that the laws passed by the legislature, do not apply to government departments, but only to ‘YOU’, who fund those who govern ‘YOU’.

YOU funded a Law, that may Kill or devastate YOU, or a member of YOUR Family.

The photos are an evidence that I was a Victim of the ‘Criminal Insanity’ of a Government Department.

I survived [ JUST ]:


Read more about me here



Another Evidence of the Life Threatening DANGERS, of this: Ministry of DEATH, Is the Fatal Warnings issued by the : Health Care Industry: Email Alert:  RSS Feed.


Health Care Industry

Industry: Email Alert RSS Feed    Risperdal

Black box warnings are the most serious warnings incorporated into the labeling of a prescription mediBlack box warnings on Risperdal cantion. In addition to their role in informing patients of serious health risks, black box warnings also serve to prevent drug manufactures Risperdal and Hemorrhages Risperdal usage leads to a blood clot, the result can be catastrophic. An undetected blood clot  will eventually create enough  pressure to cause the vessel in which it is located to burst, or hemorrhage. This event causes blood to spill into the cranial cavity and immediately impact the function and production of brain cells. Hemorrhages have an immediate and drastic effects on the human body, and can prove fatal, depending on the amount of blood loss.



Health Care Industry

Industry: Email Alert RSS Feed     Valproate.


A black box warning about the possibility  of life-threatening pancreatitis has been added to the labels of Depakote, Depakene, and Depacon. Although the package inserts of all valproate products have mentioned pancreatitis since 1981 and there has been no increase in the number of reported cases of pancreatitis associated with valproate use, Abbott Laborites and the Food and Drug Administration revised the label to include additional information, according to an Abbott statement.

Cases of life-threatening  pancreatitis have been reported in both children and adults taking valproate. Some Have been described as hemorrhagic with a rapid progression from initial symptoms until death. Pancreatitis has been reported both shortly after initial use of the drug and after several years of use.

The above information provides conclusive Scientific Medical Data, That the drugs the MHS force on its unwilling Victims are often FATAL, the MHS and the Health and Disability Commission [Lawyers ] are aware their DRUGS Can and Do KILL;


 Duly Authorised Officer Log - When I went to access my respite care this is what CDHB logged to force me into the Psychiatric Ward. ---- further analysis of this log is further down the page click here to view the breakdown. (Click image for full size image)



Another Exhibit.   The Drugs Forced, then Drugs coerced via prescription. (Click image for full size)



When of if you are involuntarily, or forced to submit  to this LAW, Government Ministers,  state in writing  they cannot intervene in the procedures of Government Departments under their Authority;


Letter from Minister of JUSTICE. (Click image for full size)



Letter from Minister of Health. (Click image for full size)


Letter from Minister of Police. (Click image for full size)



Human Rights Legal & Policy Adviser (Click image for full size)



My reply (Click image for full size)


To view the Human Rights Act 1993 Article 7 & 9 citation -  Click Here.

Also, worth noting:

  • "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks". - Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 12)
  • "Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person's consent". - New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 No 109 (Article 10)


‘IF’ the signed statements of the numerous Democratically Elected Ministers YOU elected to represent YOU and YOUR country are correct; They have provided signed evidence that they  have ‘NO’ authentic AUTHORITY.

Therefore New Zealand is not a Democratic Nation, But is manipulated and controlled  by Authorities / Lawyers who CONTROL and Manipulate OUR Country, for vast equities of Money, and Control of YOU; and YOUR Family.

However, The Ministers have passed ‘Laws’ that allow some doctors the legal authority to Force FATAL DRUGS on unwilling Victims;

Thus, YOU, YOUR Family and Friends LIVES are not Secure.

A ‘Very’ interesting to note: Although PEOPLE, are killed by these DRUGS, the cause of Death is not exposed or reported, As the ‘Responsible Clinicians’  that prescribe or ‘Force’ these DRUGS work under the authority of a Government Department, and the Government, Never hold themselves Responsible or Accountable for Criminal ants, Killing People;This is an Undeniable, Provable and Indisputable  ‘FACT’.

The ‘Duly Authorized Officers Log’, is an ‘OFFICAL’ Governmental document, This is the primary evidence, and although it ‘Appears credible’, The Verifiable Evidence  proves, it to be, not only a lie, but what followed is the exposure of a Heinous and Abominable Industry of Death and Destruction.

Primary Exhibit.

Duly Authorized Officers Log.

This document ‘If followed’, provides protection for the General Public; BUT; As LAWS can be broken, and the government does not hold the government accountable for ‘Criminal Acts, YOU have NO protection, Therefore this ‘Official Documents’ provides evidence that this governmental organization, can Legally ‘Abduct, Incarcerate, and Drug’ any person, who does not conform to them, or their Dictates, or if their Victim refuses to be their Victim, by refusing to support their Market Share, by ingesting their DRUGS which supports their income.  



The Government ‘WILL NOT’ Authenticate, Confirm or acknowledge  its own documentation, or International Scientific Medical Data, or D.N.A, and or any provable and Verifiable Evidence;


Critical Analysis and Deduction of Criminal Actions Perpetrated by:
The Mental Health Service; Re:



2/  Drugs, Forced and Prescribed Fatal Drugs.

3/  International Scientific Medical Data. eg. Black box warnings

4/  Hospital Evidence of Near Fatal Hemorrhages  [Re: Christchurch Hospital records].

5/ Photographic Evidence [Re: Hospital rehab photos]




Section 1: P Tor-kilsen of Duly Authorized Officers Log


Section 2: Details of Enquirer: Dr. Colin Peebles.


Section 3: Nature of enquire:  ‘Risk to self or others’, Low of suicide, Low to moderate to others;


Section 4:  Risk to Self and or Others: Low Risk to Others :

This written statement was the professional analyses of the Duly Authorized Officer:

This statement is confirmed by approximately 20 years of weekly Humanitarian and Philanthropic Aid. Further confirmation of Low Risk to Others is evidenced by no criminal activity. As, In the professional opinion of the Duly Authorized Officer, I posed no risk to others or myself, a raft of criminal activity was commenced by the Mental Heath Service. The manifested criminal actions perpetrated by the MHS are evidence of ‘High Risk to Others’ the corresponding effects are evidence of ‘High Risk’ to the MHS.

Breach of Human Rights Act (1990). Legal Right to desist to ingest scientifically verified FATAL mind altering drugs.

Breach of Human Rights Act (1990). Not compulsory to be subjected to medical experimentation of which is evidenced in Compulsory Assessment and Treatment, with scientifically verified FATAL Drugs.

As ‘Compulsory Treatment’ comprises of non-consensual experimentation with potentially FATLE drugs. This is ‘Official’ evidence of a Criminal Act.

Moderate to high caring for self; hence my objective was to source my allocated respite.

Footnote: This statement comprises of approximately 99.9 percent of Humanity, Evidenced by all interdependent Relationships and exhibited by 99.9 % of people.


Section 5: Persons G.P: Dr. L. Arundal, of the Fairlie Medical Centre; While proceeding with my proposed ‘Respite / Business trip, I had my blood pressure checked on route to Christchurch; incidentally my blood pressure has not been in normal range since my abduction, incarceration and drugging; This is a significant medical issue, often resulting in premature death; this threat was and is perpetrated by the MHS.


Section 6: MHS contact: Currently Under care of Psyh Consult.

This admission is evidence of the decimation directly caused by MHS.  This statement is a confession, that the MHS had taken ‘Legal Responsibility and Authority’ over ‘MY LIFE’; ‘Under Care’, is a confession of ‘Authority and Control’; Compulsory drugging, with potentially FATAL drugs is not an evidence of ‘Care’; But of Attempted Murder.

Who placed me ‘Under Care’, ‘The Compulsory Assessment and Treatment Act’, Is the forced application of medical Treatment, This is in direct violation of the Human Rights Act, It is an affront to Democracy.

I personally do not consider it a evidence of ‘CARE’ to compulsorily subject a person to ingest scientifically verified, lethal DRUGS; of which scientifically verified medical evidence supports my prognoses, had previously caused my near fatal Brain Hemorrhages; The MHS Forced Drugs that cause Brain Hemorrhages, and DEATH, while I was recovering from Multiple Brain Hemorrhages.

The Proceeding text is indicative of my personal contact with the MHS.

Incidentally; All association and interaction with the MHS ceased with my refusal of the MHS drugs. Medical treatment perpetrated by the Mental Health Service has been ‘non-consensual’ following my near death.


Section 7: Action Taken: There was no action taken apart from my Abduction and Internment to Hillmortan Psychiatric Hospital, resulting in non-consensual drugging of potentially FATAL DRUGS. As per note of, ‘Poor judgment’. I had just driven approximately two hours, from Burkes Pass to Christchurch, without incident. If my alleged ‘Poor judgment’ was founded, Police or Insurance Company involvement would have been proceeded  by traffic incident

I do not perceive my actions were indicative of ‘Poor Judgment’, with the exception of trusting the MHS to access my allotted ‘Respite’.

As per note: Obsessive re: His Housing Product. Yes, I am exceptional concerned with the welfare of people needing Affordable Housing.  Rectification to this erroneous assessment could have been undertaken by a rudimentary assessment of my brief case, of which I had in my possession, within my car. As the National and International socioeconomic need for ecologically sustainable, affordable housing is evidenced by several years of National and International media. Suppression of the fulfilment of this need was subverted by the arbitrary and criminal act of Abduction, Incarceration and Drugging of plaintiff and decimation of my Family life. As the socioeconomic need for affordable, ecologically sustainable housing, is a national and international need, Fulfilment of this ‘NEED’ was subverted and suppressed by the criminal abduction, criminal incarceration and criminal drugging by the MHS clinicians responsible.

As per note: ‘Very talkative’; this is not a psychiatric disorder; if so all Politicians, Radio broadcasters, and avid communicators are in danger of abduction, incarceration and drugging by the MHS.

As per note: ‘Chaotic’, I had just driven two hours, without incident, with a set objective, this is not an evidence of been ‘Chaotic’.

As per  note: ‘Witness’; I have a Sister-In-Law, Two nieces, A close friend and his fiancee a G.P. And several businesses associated all residing near or within the greater Christchurch region.

As Psychiatric Services does not utilize  video surveillance to protect the ‘General Public’, Psych Services cannot prove or authenticate a ‘Witness’ was sought, as witnesses where available, there is circumstantial evidence to ‘Prove’ this too was an is a ‘Cover-up’, or ‘Fabrication’, to avert responsibility and accountability. ‘Cover-ups’ are also associated to criminal acts, as are the above criminal acts perpetrated by the MHS and the corresponding ‘Obstruction of Justice ’ perpetrated by numerous persons within governmental organizations and supporting Organizations. This action of the MHS was the direct cause of the personal slander, insults, deformation of charter of myself;

Plus the additional direct repercussions as stated under: Summery of Offences.


The above is not a legal justification for ‘ABDUCTION, ILLEGAL INCARATION and DRUGGING’ by the forcing of the ingesting of potentially fatal drugs. In my opinion, these non legal actions are ‘Criminal’ actions of the MHS’.

The purpose of interaction with Psyh Consultation was as I had previously been informed by Steeping Stones Respite, Lindors St, Addington, Christchurch,  That if I required access respite at short notice, I could do so via Psyh Consultation Services, As I had allotted ‘respite’ due to Brain Hemorrhages, I was endeavouring to access my respite and also address the issue of the potential theft of my I.P. [intellectual property] Re: [Obsessive re: housing product. My objective was subverted by the MHS, in my attempt to address the potential theft of my I.P; The action of the MHS, as recorded on the ‘Duly Authorized Officers Log’ has potentially ‘Aided and Abetted’ the potential theft of my I.P by a branch of the Christchurch City Council; Re section 7 of ‘Officers Log’; In my understanding, ‘Aiding and Abetting’ is also associated to criminal acts.


Summary of offences perpetrated by the MHS:

  1. Fraud by receiving Public monies under false pretences.
  2. Theft as a Servant.
  3. Misappropriation of Pubic Monies
  4. Abduction
  5. Illegal detainment
  6. Drugging.
  7. Causing Grievous Bodily Harm.
  8. Causing sever financial Loss.
  9. Slander
  10. Deformation of Charter
  11. Sustaining Socioeconomic hardship, buy prevention of business pursuits re: Paragon Manufacturing Limited re: Company’s Office[1203935]
  12. Aiding and Abetting possible Theft of Intellectual Property
  13. Sustaining Environmental and ecological damage
  14. Averting ‘Life’ preserving  Aid to Humanitarian Agencies and my ‘Charitable Trust re: Still waters Trust, Certificate of Incorporation No (HN713218)
  15. Breach of ‘Human Rights Act’ [1990] by suppression of Travel, Speech, Expression, Non-consensual application of medical treatment Etc.
  16. Suppression of Religion: My Humanitarian /Philanthropic and Ecological work are my ‘Religion’.


Primary Charge against  Mental Health Services: Attempted Murder.

[The Forcing of Potentially FATAL Drugs on Unwilling Victims is Attempted Murder]


Added Note: Having sustained multiple brain hemorrhages and an approximate 30 day

coma, followed by approximately a combined  two months admittance’s  to Burwood Brain Injury Ward; I am confident the professional medical personnel would have a perceived a cognitive aberration or  neurosis’s or psychosis if evident; as would my G.P. Thereby the actions of the MHS infer and insinuate  medical negligence and medical malpractice of the professional medical staff who preserved my life.

NB: Confirmation of Phone Call made to ‘Steeping Stones” respite would confirm the criminal Acts perpetrated by the MHS; However ‘Steeping Stones’ theoretically would present as a ‘Hostile Witness’, as it procures considerable revenue from the MHS.

MHS Motive: Considerable revenue is procured by enforcing drug dependency, Thus; Rejection of DRUGS reduces the Mental Health Services, Market Share.




My statement toward the end of  Newspaper Article, provides an evidence of my objective to benefit ‘People and the Environment / Ecological System; ‘If’ I am ‘Obsesses’ It is for the ‘Authentic’ Welfare of PEOPLE and the Environment’, Is this ‘Reason’ to Devastate a persons LIFE, and their Family.


It is of supreme importance that YOU note:

To devastate Environmental / Ecological  initiatives is the ultimate CRIME; New Zealand has government departments who supposedly protect the Environment, Whist another Government Department devastates Ecological initiatives; This is of Critical importance to YOU; ALL LIFE is a product of Ecology, our LIVING WORLD is totally dependent on Ecology; Therefore this heinous and detestable ‘CRIMMINAL’ Ministry destroys initiatives which support LIFE.

OUR children will suffer the consequences  of  Ecological Damage.


My comment in this article referrers to the Environment, We fund a Government Department, who’s mandate is to protect the environment; For another Government Department to Destroy / Decimate Environmental / Ecological Initiatives;


As stated in the Signed letters, ‘OUR’ Democratically Elected Ministers take no

Authority or Responsibility for the Government they are Elected to Govern.




When did you last hear of an individual , Voluntarily confessing to a Crime ? When did you last hear of a  Government Department, made up of individuals, ‘EVER’ committing a Crime ? Prisons are overflowing with members of the General Public, who have committed crimes, Government Employees never do ?


Therefore the only explanation:

‘The Government ONLY employ saints, YOU are only worthy of providing the Government with very large quantities of YOUR MONEY, If not, you will be sent to Prison for Tax Evasion, if you do not pay your tax’s’, Which KILL many, many, many people.



The Government will not protect YOU from the Government’; This statement is verifiable; I have requested, in writing, on multiple Occasions for a;

 ‘Full disclosure of Information’ as per the ‘Freedom  Of Information Act’, This Legal request, has been rejected, This Law also broken.

Therefore, YOUR LIFE and Security, and that of your Family and Friends can only be secured by YOUR, proactive and Forceful efforts, by voicing your objection;

YOU can overturn this deadly Law, if YOU will demonstrate YOUR Love for YOUR FAMILEY and Friends, by communicating this message, and by writing to YOUR local Member of Parliament, and Demanding the protection of ‘LIFE and SECURITY’, and demanding, LAWS that allow YOU and YOUR FAMILEY to be Drugged or Killed to be abolished.



c.c:           Ministers of JUSTICE, Health and Police.


THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH;


Can be  ascertained via electronic  and or chemical analysis, And or, by Professional Body Language Analyses, Polygraphs and or Drugs;

Therefore, I am willing to undergo  such Scientific Analyses, to determine the TRUTH; Therefore I presume the ‘Responsible Clinicians’ of the Mental Health, and Mental Health Services, and their Lawyers [ District Inspectors ] are of the highest honor and ethics and  would  uphold the ‘Hippocratic Oath’, and JUSTICE, and enthusiastically and expediently, in the fist possible instance, would willingly undergo  Scientific Medical analyses to uphold the ‘Hippocratic Oath’; and uphold TRUTH and JUSTICE, and provide conclusive and veritable Scientific evidence that Mental Health, and Mental Health Services, and their Lawyers uphold the TRUTH and JUSTICE.

As the preferred treatment of psychiatrists is DRUGS, and the welfare of the General Public is of prime concern of Mental Health and Mental Health Services, I presume DRUGS would be the preferred option of psychiatrists to ingest, to determine the TRUTH and insure the safety and security of Mental Health, and the authentic welfare of the General Public.

As Mental Health and Mental Heath Services, are funded by the Taxpaying public, Nationally and Internationally, this is a significant National and International issue, as the ‘LIVES’ of a multitude of ‘PEOPLE’, Men, Woman and Children are at stake; Therefore, I am confident, the TRUTH, concerning Mental Health and Mental Health Services, can be ascertained, Thus insuring the Health and Safety of the General Public, Nationally and Internationally.

And also; To Assure and  Insure ‘Public Safety’, the Ministers of JUSTICE, Health and Police will commence stated  Judicial enquire of Mental Health, and Mental Health Services and secure the services of a Micro-Biologist specializing in D.N.A, to provide conclusive Scientific Medical Data, that the ‘General Public’ can confidently ingest any DRUG, administered by Mental Health Services.

For the benefit of ‘Public Safety’ the Government and Mental Health, and Mental Health Services would insist any assessment would be carried out as a Judicial Inquire, witnessed by Jury and National and or International Media, and Numerous Witnesses; In possession of electronic recording devices; To insure the Safety and Security of the  General Public.




YOU can overturn this deadly Law, if YOU will demonstrate YOUR Love for YOUR FAMILEY and Friends, by communicating this message, and by writing to YOUR local Member of Parliament, and Demanding the protection of ‘LIFE and SECURITY’, and demanding, LAWS that allow YOU and YOUR FAMILEY to be Drugged or Killed to be abolished:


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